Our Services

Cleaning Services

Oahu Moving Services is also affiliated with a wide-range of trained professional companies specializing in cleaning and restoration. They use only the best quality products and mechanical support to get the job done.

Inter-island Moves

Depending on the destination for the move will help our professional team better understand the shipping and receiving procedure. Please allow 1-2 days for the organization of relocation.

Mainland Moves

These are specifically for customers relocating to or from any part of the United States. Depending on the load, shipping conditions, and time-zone configuration will determine the arrival of customer property to the final destination. However, please allow approximately 1 week for this procedure to be completed.

International Moves

The completion of transferring customer items to their final destination, is the most important aspect to us especially during any types of oversea moves. The reason for this is the obvious fact of the time and planning involved to take the initiative in relocating to another continent. Specific regulations concerning the area will be addressed as the moving-date of gets closer.

Container Shipping

This type of service is mostly consisting of different motor vehicles, pets, agricultural items, and any property of this matter. In order for all documents to be approved, they would first need to be cleared through the State of Hawaii Agriculture and Quarantine, Federal Food and Drug Administration as well as the United States Customs. Please be aware that items not approved through the security points mentioned will result in a definite confiscation and a possible fine.


Oahu Moving Services also has storage facilities available for our customer needs as well. This service in specifically for customers who have reached their final destination that is not ready for occupancy. Therefore, we provide a wide variety of both short and long term storage spaces fully equipped with controlled security systems. An inventory of all items will be taken prior to loading into storage space, where it will remain until the new property is ready. At that time Oahu Moving Services will then assist our customer with transferring their possessions accordingly.