Local Moves

Door to door

The vehicle will be parked as close to your home as possible. The truck type that we select depends on the surroundings of your living area. We guarantee that all your personal items arrive to your new location in the same condition in which it left.

Business and office relocation

We deliver all sorts of office accessories such as electronic equipment, conference tables, etc. In case of renovation, storing of office devices at a storage facility is also an option. A variety of storage space and excellent service is provided. Moving services can comply with specific demands, therefore orders will be completed without any lost for time nor expense. All delicate materials will be handled specifically and cautiously. However, loose items such as files, maps, and papers are packed tightly to prevent any kind of disarrangement. All electronics should be disconnected prior to movers arrival. Loading areas need to be arranged and available for movers in order to maximize productivity. Most companies are completely unfamiliar with how to prepare for corporate moves. In this case, our company saves you the time and trouble by creating an office-moving plan for you in advance. Personnel are going to be functioning in the new office as normally if they follow the instructions of our moving guide.

Military moves

Fulfilling this duty focuses high attention. Prior to the moving date, customer should arrange for a storage or shipping to their new location, this organizes the situation for our expert moving consultants. All items removed from previous location will be stored in a storage facility until they return from overseas. Relocating nationally or even internationally, is also a possibility as a container transport procedure would need to be taken.

Sentimental value, antique, and fragile moves

Most individual household items are wrapped in special cartons. Paintings, mirrors, lamps, etc. can be packed in paper rolls or cellular boxes with tissue-lined cartons. In order to minimize damage to other items we don't leave anything unwrapped. There are different solutions we can apply when wrapping valuables. Porcelains, vases, and chinaware are precious for all of us and furthermore tend to be prized possessions guarded by owners forever. Our company experts use the safest procedure in every case, because we want you to be completely satisfied with our knowledge of protecting you valuable work of art.

Container spotting

Loading/Unloading of customer belongings is executed by members of our staff. We provide an organized transportation of the container size required. Selected storage items may be placed outside your property prior to the work of our employees at you request.

Home furnishing and Appliance installation

For your convenience, simple labeling of items or even taking a snapshot helps our experts customize your living standards. Our company is also licensed, to be of help with any type of disposal necessary during your relocation.

Removing Unwanted Furniture

We all know that furniture doesn’t always last forever, and often tend to grow old on us. Well, Oahu Moving Services are always ready to relieve you of your frustration and plans of relocating. Making things a little easier on you, we are also licensed through a local disposal company that will accept unwanted household items anything from refrigerators or washers/dryers, to even an old sofa.

Cleaning Services

Oahu Moving Services is also affiliated with a wide-range of trained professional companies specializing in cleaning and restoration. They use only the best quality products and mechanical support to get the job done.